The importance of being yourself

Whenever I meet with my Lady Lorde and Associates partners for a strategy session, we always begin by repeating our core passions – communication, innovative thinking, and people power.

That last obsession of ours tends to manifest in our commitment to the personal development of almost everyone we meet. We also love to turn our microscopic gaze inwards, teasing out ways that we can enrich ourselves with new knowledge and skills which we then use to power our growth as people, and as a business.

Our last meeting touched off a bit of personal exploration on my end, which has produced some interesting results. Today I’d like to share the story with you.

Recently, we’ve been intensely focused on building out our online platforms, after a long spell of neglect. Having taken ourselves on as clients for this project, we spend too much time working on our own content to actively search for new business. So you see, it was purely by chance that I found myself browsing one of my favourite freelancing websites. I fired up a bookmarked search and soon came across an incredibly detailed, well-crafted job posting that was perfectly suited to my skillset. I had no intention of applying for the job, but for some reason I felt moved to commend whoever posted it for taking the time to write such a thorough job description – especially since they were quite new to the system.

Hi there,

This is not an application.

Even though I am currently at my working capacity, I was idly browsing jobs when I saw your listing. Thank you so much for putting up such a clear, detailed account of what you need and who you are looking for. It is extremely rare to find clients who are so precise about what they need, and rarer still to find those who are able to express it thusly.

The freelancer who gets to work with you on this project is a lucky individual.

Enjoy your time on Upwork!

Having done my good deed for the day, I browsed a few more job postings and was making a couple tweaks to my profile before logging off, when the little message indicator popped up. Hoping that it was a response from a client I had been waiting to hear from since last week, I went to my inbox…

After sitting there with my mouth hanging open for a little while, I began to process what was happening. Here was this person practically falling over themselves to offer me work – after I’d already told them straight up that I wasn’t trying to apply to their job!

It finally clicked into place – no matter what message you send to a prospective client, your profile is attached to it. He’d read my note, looked at my profile, and liked what he saw enough to specifically request to work with me. After the initial conversation, we proceeded to exchange details and he did in fact persuade me to take the job!

Just think. I landed a lucrative contract – had to be nudged into it, actually –  because I decided to act on an impulse. I saw something that moved my spirit, my gut told me to take action and I listened. With no expectations, I was fully and truly myself, and it paid off in spades! As we speak, I am currently working on a new project for this same client, with additional work to be completed in the future.

Hi, Janeka.

Hope you’re well.

Thank you for your incredibly kind and observant comments regarding my job description :). …

…I know you said you are currently working at full capacity but would you be able to provide me with your contact details (email, Skype or something similar)?. I read your profile and you strike me as precisely the type of person I want to work with, both now and in the future.

Also, if there is any way of you reshuffling things in your schedule so you can accommodate this 100 articles task then let me know as I would very much like to discuss this work further with you. 🙂

Look forward to your reply,

Thanks 🙂

I’ve decided I won’t need you to write a paid sample article as I am sure you are the one for this job after speaking to you and seeing your previous work.

Being an entrepreneur is laden with ambiguity and can be anxiety-inducing, oftentimes requiring you to go out on a limb. Taking chances always comes with the risk of failure, and big gambles should NEVER be attempted without extensive analysis, but when you learn to listen to instinct, trust your gut, and BE YOURSELF – you’ll rarely be steered wrong.

The one downside to this whole thing? All this new work means that I’ve had to push back our content re-write project yet again! What’s that saying about the cobbler’s children and their shoes?

Have you had a situation where you’ve listened to your gut, done something unusual and had it pay off big? I’d love to know your story!


  1. Malocolm Dunne says:

    I needed to move house but during my daily routines I saw a house that I really like .. so
    much so that no other house would do. So I knocked on their door as said ‘hi .. I’m not a Krank but if you ever wish to sell your house I’d be very interested whenever that may be’ The person that opened the door said ‘I can’t believe this, we were putting the house in the market next Monday… it’s yours. And Inlived there for 20 odd years. I had a gut instinct and it proved to be a beautiful home for that long
    Do this meet with your criteria ??

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