Lady Lorde & Associates delivers strategic corporate services including:

Career Management:
Receive expert advice in resume writing, cover letter composition, interviewing, salary negotiation, actionable job search tactics, and career transitions. Be strategic with developing, implementing and monitoring your career goals to outperform your competition – contact us today to find out how!

Our team has years of experience in targeted recruitment and staffing. We deliver cost-effective results via impactful job descriptions, multichannel marketing, and effective interviewing to fill critical organizational vacancies with ease. It feels good to have confidence in your people, and we can give you just that. Take the first step today – propel your company’s success with the right hire.

Business, Brand & Commercial Development:
Whether you’re launching a new product, a new company, or looking to increase your competitiveness in a tight market,  we offer consultations to help you create and execute successful strategic development plans. We’ll analyze your operations and identify underperforming niche markets, new markets, and new opportunities to maximize revenue! Book a free consult today to start learning how your business can earn more!

Strategic Communications & Content Marketing:
We develop compelling, on-brand content delivered on schedule to your desired markets. This encourages a strong, vibrant community and serves as an engaged pool of people who are eager to become your customers! Don’t delay – start a conversation with us about how to harness the power of smart social!

Hosting an event? Our event management and support team will help plan, coordinate and execute all aspects of your event to generate increased community interest to the products and services of your business, and ultimately increase traffic to your physical location. Let’s start planning your next event – get in touch today!