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Jem has used her vast experience in corporate management, and her firm belief in the power of people, to build a company committed to the quest for perfection.

Jem’s experience is rooted in her love for water. Her roles as a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, Dive Shop Manager, swim coach and professional sailing crew have honed her problem-solving skills. Her experience in hospitality marketing in addition to her winning personality allows her to foster connections with people from all walks of life.

Driven by the need for change in how business should be conducted, Jem felt compelled to bring like-minded individuals together to make magic- the kind that dreams are made of.

Binta, our Director of Recruitment & Training, cares deeply about employees’ experiences in the workplace – from the job application through to retirement. She perfectly marries passion and expertise to effectively lead, coach, and connect the people she serves.

Blending innovative techniques and best practices, Binta creates programs that develop leadership abilities, facilitate change management, and foster employee growth – all translating into a dynamic, healthy, and happy work culture for our clients.

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Jany has spent the majority of her life exploring how best to use her innate talents while maintaining her lifelong pursuit of education. Her early love of reading has been buttressed by an academic foundation in mathematics and computer science.

In her role, this ecletic blend of skills serves her well – allowing her to perceive and analyse market trends and patterns and figure out the most effective ways to amplify or disrupt them. Then, she crafts customized messages laser-targeted towards her client’s desired niche – all in the service of Lady Lorde’s goal of delivering uncompromising quality, each and every time.

Tammy has performed many different roles during her career journey – account executive, sales & marketing executive, college recruiter, human resource officer. The theme that connects everything? Taking care of people.

Tammy’s secret special power is making the people she works with happy, comfortable, and productive. That skill, combined with the wealth of interdisciplinary knowledge gleaned from her various positions makes her the perfect Director of People for Lady Lorde.

We are a group of professionals who passionately believe in the power of people. We offer strategic consulting, business development, and communication services.

Here’s what makes us stand out in a crowded marketplace:

Full Suite of Services

Forget having to wrangle with different contractors for each business need – one for social, one for email sales funnels, one for web copy. We offer a hassle-free way to get work done, by providing a full suite of marketing and communication services, all under one roof.

Ridiculously High Standards

Ever read a press release only to be distracted by the glaring typo or grammatical error staring back at you from the page? Don’t put your brand image and reputation in the hands of people who are going to treat it carelessly. We aren’t satisfied until our work is perfect. Our clients have peace of mind knowing that they’ll receive a quality product, every single time.

Always Forward Looking

If your consultant is always telling you about what’s hot now, you’re talking to the wrong people. Real results occur when businesses can correctly identify what is the NEXT hot trend for their markets. We’re constantly doing research, so we know the best ways to increase the effectiveness of your message, and the best platforms to reach your customers.