Email Marketing with Constant Contact: helping you work smart, not hard!

This week, the Lady Lorde team in Saint Lucia got a great opportunity to engage with professionals from the various units of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, Enterprise Development and Consumer Affairs. We spoke about direct marketing via email, using Constant Contact, our preferred application.

What we loved the most about conducting this brief, informative seminar was being able to introduce everyone in attendance to an innovative, effective way of reaching their clients – for us, this was a great day at the office!

Feedback from participants indicated that they were most excited to discover solutions for ALL of the pain points arising from their current email marketing communications strategy. Together we explored:

  • Why “traditional” email is ineffective for outreach.
  • How Constant Contact solves the problems of traditional organizational communication methods.
  • How organizations can harness the power of Constant Contact to do the following:
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of their messaging strategy
    • Deliver more targeted messages via audience segmentation
    • Supercharge the efficiency of their communications team.

Our attendees shared their thoughts in overwhelming support. Listen to what they had to say.



Roycelyn St. Hill-Howell                                                                                      Acting Director of SEDU (Small Enterprise Development Unit)                                        Department of Commerce


Egbert Stevens                                                                                                   Business Development Officer at SEDU (Small Enterprise Development Unit)           Department of Commerce

To all attendees – thank you for spending some of your precious time with us.We had fun interacting with you all.